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Welcome to Namasthe World, a place where imagination and education converge in the form of delightful toys. Our story unfolds with the dreams of two visionary parents, Manoj Kumar Manchu and Mounika Bhuma Manchu, who embarked on a journey to enrich the world of children's play.

Our inspiration took root with the arrival of Dhariav, the founders' son, igniting a desire to create toys that transcend the boundaries of mere entertainment. These toys are designed to enlighten, engage, and educate, introducing young minds to the joys of learning through play.

At Namasthe World, we blend the rich tapestry of traditional Indian narratives with the excitement of modern technology. Our toys are not just playthings; they are gateways to cultural exploration and futuristic adventures. Each product is a celebration of heritage and innovation, crafted to foster a sense of wonder and discovery.

Our vision extends beyond just crafting toys; we aim to build a global community where play serves as both a mirror to diverse cultures and a bridge to learning. Committed to creating a toy ecosystem that is as enlightening as it is entertaining, Namasthe World stands as a testament to the transformative power of inclusive play.

Join us on this extraordinary journey. Be a part of Namasthe World, where we inspire the next generation with toys that reflect the limitless potential of a child's imagination. Together, let's shape a future where play and learning go hand in hand, celebrating the unique beauty of diverse cultures and the endless possibilities of the mind

Manoj Kumar Manchu

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Namasthe World

Manoj Kumar Manchu, an acclaimed actor turned entrepreneur, is the visionary force behind Namasthe World. With a career spanning over two decades in the film industry, including lead roles in 17 films and notable recognition such as the Nandi Special Jury Award, Manoj brings a unique blend of creativity and leadership to the toy industry.

His journey from the silver screen to the world of toys began with the birth of his son Dhariav, igniting a passion to combine play with purpose. At Namasthe World, Manoj channels his artistic talents into creating toys that are not only entertaining but also culturally enlightening and technologically advanced.

A sports enthusiast and a creative soul, Manoj's diverse interests from cricket to music, contribute to his dynamic approach to innovation. His commitment to social causes is evident in his contributions to environmental sustainability and nurturing young talent through MM Arts. Manoj's journey is a testament to his belief in the power of cinema, entrepreneurship, and making a meaningful difference.

Mounika Bhuma Manchu

Co-founder and CEO, Namasthe World

Mounika Bhuma Manchu co-founded Namasthe World with a mission to transform the landscape of children's play. Her deep understanding of the developmental role of toys drives the company's commitment to creating products that are not only fun but also educational and culturally rich.

As CEO, Mounika leads Namasthe World with an innovative spirit, ensuring that each toy fosters creativity, learning, and critical thinking. Her strategic partnership with Reliance Brands Ltd. has broadened the company's reach, bringing joy to children through various prestigious brands.

With manufacturing centers in Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata, Mounika's influence extends beyond the corporate sphere, focusing on community upliftment and local employment. Her creative essence, rooted in a love for painting and sculptures, is intertwined with her professional endeavors.

Mounika's dedication to wellness and balance is reflected in her yoga practice, and her passion for Kuchipudi dance showcases her connection to cultural heritage. Her philanthropic work, especially with the Bhuma Trust and health camps in Hyderabad, underscores her commitment to making a positive societal impact. Mounika's journey is a blend of entrepreneurship, creativity, and social responsibility.